Q: How much will it cost to fix?

A: We cannot possibly answer that question before arriving on-site and diagnosing the problem.

We understand that can be a frustrating answer. When you, the customer, are burdened with the inconvenience of a dysfunctional appliance and in urgent need of the most prompt and inexpensive solution, it may even sound like double-talk. However, it is not only the honest answer—it is the policy that has allowed us to build a proven track record of providing the highest quality service at the best price we can for over 30 years.

Sure, we could quote you an inflated flat fee that would cover all bases before even coming out to diagnose the problem. That is a common practice among service companies—but one we consider unethical because it means you, the customer, will be overcharged in most cases, and often by a large margin.

Home appliance technology has advanced rapidly in recent years. What seems like a complex, costly problem can be simple and inexpensive, and vice-versa. There's no possible way for us to know the problem with certainty before performing a professional, hands-on assessment of the appliance, which we welcome the opportunity to do on your behalf at no obligation.

That's not double-talk on our part, it's smart shopping on your part.


We Know Technology

Home appliances are getting smarter and more sophisticated as technology advances. Our technicians have the knowledge, experience, and skills to properly troubleshoot these technologies using reliable test equipment and access to schematics, service bulletins, and parts from major manufacturers.

We Are Professional & Courteous

We take care of your home as well as your appliances. Our technicians use no-scuff shoes, and we make sure your home is as neat and clean when we leave as it was when we arrived.

Reliable, Worry-Free Appliance Repair

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